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North Market

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Julie Brauninger
Director of Institutional Giving


Fruits, vegetables and other healthy foods shouldn’t be a luxury. However, for millions of American families living in so-called “food deserts,” with limited access to affordable nutritious food, they often are.

In 2017, Pillsbury United Communities, one of Minnesota’s most well-established nonprofit organizations, partnered with North Memorial Health (NMH) to create North Market—a nonprofit grocery and wellness center that is specifically designed to address the persistent food insecurity and health issues in the underserved community of North Minneapolis.

The symmetry of purpose these two organizations share has helped further North Market’s success. With more than 140 years of service to diverse communities across the Twin Cities and beyond, Pillsbury United’s mission is to co-create enduring change toward a just society where every person can thrive. This includes addressing the disparities in health and wealth that many communities face as a result of decades of disinvestment and systemic racism. NMH is a local network of 26 specialty and primary care clinics, urgent and emergency care offerings, medical transportation services, and two hospitals focused on providing friendly, knowledgeable healthcare to the people who live and work in the community.

What began as a community-centered conversation about food access in North Minneapolis—an urban neighborhood with just one supermarket to serve 67,000 residents—quickly became a larger plan to help its residents understand and address significant food-related health issues, such as obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure, that plague their community. A more holistic concept emerged, and North Market opened its doors as a community-based destination for health screening, culturally relevant health education and healthy food options.

“We’re now in our fourth year of operation, and North Market continues to nourish and heal the residents of North Minneapolis,” said Adair Mosley, President and CEO of Pillsbury United Communities. “Pillsbury United’s five outdoor urban farms and one solar-powered hydroponic farm, plus other North Minneapolis community farmers, help to ensure year-round access to healthy produce.”

One of the best things about North Market is that they made it their mission to employ residents of North Minneapolis. North Market is more than a grocery store; it’s a community resource for health and wellness. I’m there almost every day!”

Tavia from Minneapolis


Pounds of produce grown by Pillsbury United Communities and sold at North Market in 2020.


Produce at North Market is half-price on Wednesdays, thanks to public and private funding.

Partnering with North Market has been beneficial to my business and the community. They’ve enabled our company to provide affordable fitness, wellness and nutrition through grant programming, safe wellness space, and support through the pandemic. We are grateful for their partnership and continuous support.”

Chaz Sandifer

Founder, theNEWmpls

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