Community Partnership Award Selection Committee

Independent Oversight

Winners of the Community Partnership Award are selected by an independent committee that is separate from the Mutual of America Foundation. Members of the committee are chosen for their breadth of experience, excellent judgment and, above all, their commitment to addressing important issues facing American communities.

The Selection Committee reviews all completed applications and then meets to assess each program against the Community Partnership Award selection criteria. Because the committee works as a group, the decision on each Community Partnership applicant represents a collective judgment drawn from the insights and perspectives of each of its members.

  1. Applications received.
    Each application is reviewed for completeness.
  2. Evaluations begin.
    Committee evaluates each program against selection criteria.
  3. Due diligence deepens.
    Site visits (in-person or virtual) are conducted.
  4. Selections made.
    Finalists are determined for each award category.
  5. Board conducts final vote.
    Award winners are notified.

2022 Selection Committee Members

  • William F. Baker, Ph.D.

    Claudio Aquaviva Distinguished Professor of Education Fordham University

  • George E. Barker

    Former Executive Vice President for International Development American Cancer Society

  • Susan N. Dreyfus

    President and CEO Alliance for Strong Families and Communities

  • Carla Harris

    Vice Chair, Wealth Management Senior Client Advisor, Managing Director Morgan Stanley I Company Management

  • Frances R. Hesselbein

    Former Chairman The Frances Hesselbein Leadership Forum

  • Thomas Von Essen

    Former Commissioner New York City Fire Department

Selection Committee Members, All-Time (1996–2022)

  • William F. Baker, Ph.D.


  • George E. Barker


  • Richard Boyle


  • Honorable Hugh Carey


  • Richard J. Ciecka

    2005, 2007

  • Susan N. Dreyfus


  • Dudley H. Hafner


  • Carla Harris


  • Frances R. Hesselbein


  • William Kahn


  • LaSalle D. Leffall, Jr. MD


  • Mary Ann Quaranta


  • Francis Schott


  • Andrew D. Sens


  • Stanley Shmishkiss


  • O. Stanley Smith, Jr.


  • Thomas Von Essen


  • Elie Wiesel


The Community Partnership Award was the idea of many beautiful minds who believed that cross-sector partnerships transform the community—that collaborations, partnerships and alliances are the mark of great organizations. When leaders move beyond their own walls, find the right partner and collaborate, lives are changed, and healthy communities are built.”

Frances Hesselbein

Chairman, The Frances Hesselbein Leadership Forum; founding member of the
Community Partnership Award Selection Committee; and Mutual of America Board Member

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