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Give Items of Value


United Way of the Plains


Give Items of Value



Give Items of Value

United Way of the Plains245 N Water Street
Wichita, KS 67202
Pete Najera

President and Chief Executive Officer


Each year, excess inventory and unsold goods pile up in warehouses, offices and stores, taking up valuable space and creating a serious financial drag on manufacturers and retailers. What if companies could make better use of unwanted and returned stock—and benefit others at the same time?

United Way of the Plains launched the Give Items of Value (GIV) program in 1984 to create a bridge between national retailers and other big businesses with excess inventory and nonprofit organizations in south central Kansas whose tight budgets limit their ability to purchase critical supplies to support their mission. Working in collaboration with Good360, which sources truckloads of unwanted merchandise from for-profit organizations, United Way of the Plains receives surplus inventory in its 11,000-square-foot warehouse. Volunteers then inventory, sort and stock donated items so that schools, 501(c) organizations and other nonprofit organizations can “shop” for the items they need, free of charge.

United Way of the Plains was founded in 1922 to improve lives by harnessing the caring power of the community so that all individuals and families can achieve their full human potential. A century later, the organization’s collective impact continues to grow. For every dollar donated, United Way of the Plains creates $2.20 worth of impact within the community.

“The Give Items of Value program plays a critical role in the nonprofit landscape in south central Kansas,” said Pete Najera, CEO and President of United Way of the Plains.

“By donating excess goods, corporate America can reduce inventory in a socially responsible way and earn tax benefits. Nonprofits can maximize the dollars going to their direct services by accessing highly needed items at no charge. And communities can be strengthened as excess retail items, from office supplies and electronics to furniture and personal needs products, are put into the hands of individuals and families who need them most. Through replication of this program nationwide, Give Items of Value demonstrates how strong partnerships can help drive innovative solutions to some of society’s toughest social issues.”

$2.6 million

in goods distributed in 2022.


nonprofit agency shoppers.


semi-truck loads of donations received from the Amazon Fulfillment Center in Park City, KS.

I enjoy telling people in the business community about this unique program. They are always so impressed that their single financial donation is leveraged to help nearly 250 nonprofit agencies meet the tangible needs of their clients while simultaneously lowering their expenses.”

Pete Najera

President and Chief Executive Officer, United Way of the Plains

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