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It is said that difficult situations inspire ingenious solutions. When it comes to HomeAid® America and the creation of their HomeAid® WORKS program, this phrase could not be more true.

For 32 years, HomeAid® has been an integral part of the fight to end homelessness in our country. A leading nonprofit developer of housing and programmatic facilities, it operates through a network of 19 affiliates in 13 states with the mission to help people experiencing or at risk of homelessness build new lives through construction, community engagement and education.

HomeAid® recognized that its construction partners were being slowed by a shortage of qualified workers. In 2019, it responded with HomeAid® WORKS (Workforce Opportunities for Rebuilding through Knowledge and Skills). This innovative workforce development program answers both the need for more housing solutions and for better-trained construction workers by linking job training and education with a pathway to secure, high-paying jobs in construction.

Students are recommended to the WORKS program through HomeAid®’s partnerships with nonprofit social services providers. HomeAid® then helps these individuals to overcome obstacles to their success with scholarships, transportation and childcare assistance, tools, training materials and access to computers. Leveraging partnerships with construction curriculum/education providers, training facilities and job placement specialists, HomeAid® then helps WORKS graduates to enter and advance in the construction industry.

At the same time, WORKS benefits its construction industry partners by creating a pipeline of well-trained and knowledgeable job seekers who can help employers improve the quality and diversity of their workforce, minimize worksite delays and enhance their competitive edge.

“HomeAid® WORKS offers a road map to a better future for some of our country’s most vulnerable individuals,” said Scott Larson, CEO of HomeAid® America. “This year, three more affiliates have joined us, replicating the program in Houston and in San Diego and Inland Empire, California. With potential expansion to Austin and Atlanta expected next year, HomeAid® WORKS is inspiring individuals from all walks of life to break the cycle of homelessness in America.”

HomeAid® has helped me really determine what career path I wanted. I came in here with zero knowledge and no idea what construction was. The one-on-one help they provide was something that really helped me a lot. They actually care about you and want you to succeed.”

Darwin from Denver


Percentage of homebuilders who cite the labor shortage as an issue.


Number of students who have graduated since 2019;

(78% are minorities and 22% are women)

The WORKS program is a blessing to the West Adams WorkSource Center. Their construction program is a new paradigm, not only providing in-house training, but also placing students and helping them to get employment. The only way we’re able to do this is through our partnership with HomeAid®. Their wonderful WORKS program is helping us to change lives.”

Joel Jacinto

Business Service Representative, Asian American Drug and Alcohol Program,
West Adams WorkSource Center

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